"I am....an Artist, Dreamer, Eternal Optimist.  I am inspired by the beauty of Nature, the oddity of Dreams and the Magic present in our everyday life."

I've always loved to draw and create little scenarios since I was young. During my middle school years a friend introduced my family to a Russian gentleman, Michail Lermontov.  A kind and talented artist, he was the principal of a local Russian school and offered weekend art classes to youth for $2 a weekend ($3 in the winter).  We met in the basement of their community hall, Rodina.  

It was here I learned the fundamentals of drawing and painting while being immersed in a beautiful Russian culture.  I loved it there, the guidance, friendships and community.  Our family moved to the Midwest during my high school years.  I continued to draw and paint for myself but never thought to pursue it as a career.

Then life happened; college, graduate school, work, marriage.   My husband Andy and I have been married for 20 years now and we have a beautiful 11 year old daughter, Birgitte.

And now we live on a sweet little farm in N.E. Kansas.  Our farm life is a very important part of our lives raising chickens, ducks, alpacas and two dogs.   We started a small farm business (Dragonfly Farm Design) selling what we grow/create on the farm as jams/jellies, vinegars, salts as well as goats milk soap, scrubs & essential oils at local farmers markets and holiday markets. We love working together as a family and have fun with it.

Recently we have begun to share our sweet little farm with the public through seasonal open houses on the farm and offering Arts & Crafts workshops for both adults and children.  You can visit our Facebook page to find out more about our upcoming events: www.facebook.com/dragonflyfarmdesign

Through all these wonderful adventures I've continued to draw and paint on and off and now I have finally created this website and emboldened myself to share my artwork and snippets of the stories that come from each painting. I hope you will subscribe to my little site and check back often as I share stories from my art creations as well as our adventures on the farm.  

Wishing you much Peace and Love, 


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