Turning 50 and Taking Chances

Sometimes deadlines really do work.  

Turning 50 was one of them.  I was determined to create a website and professional Facebook page for my art before turning 50 in December. So I gifted myself this website and created my professional Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/susanktheroffartist  just before my birthday.  

I've decided to live the second half of my life (yes I plan on living to 100) focusing on my artwork.  Just like many people, I've made excuses to get to painting later, when I am done with this or that.  So no more excuses, time is slipping by.

While I was feeling brave, I also entered a couple of my pieces to an online art competition at Light Space & Time.com for their "All Women" Art competition.  While I didn't win a top 10 spot, I did place in the Special Merits Awards for outstanding art.  This is the first competition I've entered so I feel pretty good about that.

My Solifera Winter Solstice Tree Goddess painting will be featured with the other artists works on the Light Space & Time website for the month of January 2017 with 
a link to my website.  So glad I took a small chance that turned out to be a great moral booster and helps cement my resolve to focus on my painting!





So as 2017 starts out for you what small chances are you willing to take for yourself? You'll never know till you try and before you know it 2018 will be coming around.          


Go for it.

You deserve it!  

Until next time, 




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