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In my paintings I re-imagine myth and folklore within the framework of Nature with Trees and other creatures as sentient beings.  Many of our mythologies were created by early civilizations to give human form to the forces of nature to better understand & relate to them.  Thunder became Zeus or Thor; the power of the sea- Poseidon; the change of seasons- Persephone and her relationship with Hades and her mother Demeter. These early mythological Gods, Goddesses and Nature were looked upon as one continuous entity. From this developed a delicate give and take relationship between mortal man and Nature.  Take only what you need, give thanks and pay homage.  Much care would be taken not to upset this delicate cycle.

Throughout time Trees have played a role in many folkloric tales & myths, often worshiped by early civilizations and believed to possess powerful spirits. The tree spirits began showing up in my sketchbook more than 20 years ago.  As I begin to paint them their personalities and stories unfold slowly and sometimes unexpectedly.  But their message is clear: Trees still have a story to tell, a song to sing.  We simply need to be willing to listen. 



Susan K Theroff 2018



Methuselah never minded the isolation.  She considered loneliness an enigma, plaguing only those uncomfortable with their own thoughts.  She even favored the fierce winds that swept away the cacophony of the world as dust of the earth. 

While she lent Hugunn and Muninn to Odin, she entered a deep meditation and her thoughts delved deep into her roots.  Here was her center, her strength, drawing energy from the almost unperceivable rhythmic vibrations of rock and earth. 


From all appearances most would have thought Methuselah dead, but she was very much alive.  One just needs to pause and perceive beyond ordinary seeing.

Only when Huginn and Muninn return to her is she drawn back to this world to once again listen to the whisperings of the world.  For no one ever really listens anymore.

Graphite 2018

Giclee Print on Enhanced Matte Paper:

19x25 inches;  $98.00 


Susan K Theroff 2018



Flidais (flee-ish) is a complex Celtic Goddess who represents both our wild and domestic natures.  Deer and trees are sacred to her.  Portrayed here in her duality, she is the protector of all flora and fauna, the lady of the forest.  She can help us reach the deepest wild parts of ourselves; relieving any guilt that civilization has created helping us connect to our own sense of empowerment. 


Antlers were often compared to tree branches and may represent fertility and rebirth.  Like a crown, the antlers grow beyond the body, bringing it closer to the sky, making it sacred and a symbol of spiritual authority. 


The deer in Celtic mythology was considered a fairy creature and served as messenger between realms as well as a symbol of the powers in nature that are not easily subdued. 


Deer also represents feminine qualities as well as independence, alertness, intuitiveness and teaches us that the only true balance to power is love and compassion.  Flidais can open our eyes to a new light, releasing us into abundance and creativity. 

Graphite 2018

Giclee Print on

Enhanced Matte Paper: 18x12 inches  $67.00

Selene and the Moon.jpg

Selene and the Moon


Selene awaits the moonrise anticipating their embrace.  Though the encounter is brief her spirit is renewed.  She is now able to continue her ministry of deep rooted wisdom and healing to those who seek her.

Approach with respect as the Moon is the eye of the Goddess, the mirror that sees and reflects everything on Earth.  Her snowy owl greet all who visit, its gaze seeing deep into a person’s soul revealing all true intentions.

Be still and listen.  Selene as Willow teaches us the lesson of life in death.  Endings are just beginnings and with new growth come change.

Acrylic 2016

Giclee print on Enhanced Matte Paper:  36x24 inches;  $148.00


Winter Solstice

Tree Goddess Solifera


Solifera, the Winter Solstice Tree Goddess represents the rebirth process of the Sun. 

During the longest night of the year springs a new spark of hope, life and light. 


As the pendulum of light begins to swing in the other direction, Solifera, held in a Winter’s meditation awaits the return of the Sun King.


Acrylic  2013


Giclee Print on Enhanced Matte Paper: 

24x18 inches;  $94.00 


Hestia’s Hearth


Hestia provides a sanctuary in a world that has forgotten how to be gentle. Following a path true to her nature and of her own choosing, she swore an oath to remain a maiden all of her days.


Unconditional love is her gift, the sacred asylum to those in need of shelter and protection from ill-treatment.  Her hearth provides respite for weary souls its flame to burn eternally.

Acrylic 2012

Giclee Print on Enhanced Matte Paper: 

20x16 inches;  $84.00

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