Wildflower Girls

Wildflower Girls is a series of paintings meant to inspire girls and young women, to encourage them to bloom where they are and to tap into their own talents and wisdom.

Forging your own independent path, embracing your uniqueness and learning to trust your inner voice amongst the external chatter of the world is an ongoing life lesson for us all.  


 Their messages are reminders to us that the natural world offers us a place to re-connect to our inner power. 

Dream GirlCopyrightwebpic.jpg

Dreaming Girl


Mixed Media 2015

Giclee Print: 20x16; $84.00

On Enhanced Matte Paper

Joyful GirlCopyright2018.jpg

Joyful Girl

Mixed Media 2015

Giclee Print: 24x12;  $86.00

On Enhanced Matte Paper

Sweet Spirit GirlCopyrightwebpic.jpg

Sweet Spirit Girl

Mixed Media 2012

Giclee Print: 8x8; $30.00

On Enhance Matte Paper

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